LOLO Featuring Giggs – Gangsters (Single Review)

LOLO Featuring Giggs – Gangsters (Single Review)

As the first month of 2014 draws close to its impending end, the monotony of another 12 months seems to be the only thing approaching, if not for LOLO and her collaboration with Giggs of course!

Gangsters brings the American’s soulful voice into play, with Peckham-native Giggs introducing a verse of straight rap, with striking results.

Having already secured a place as the special guest on John Newman’s January/February tour of 2014, LOLO and her approaching album “Weapon for Saturday” seem to be causing quite a stir.

LOLO’s chosen topic of gangsters and her soft vocals hardly seem to fit, however they do so impeccably. Giggs and his bass-heavy voice heavily contrast LOLO’s, as his regional dialect and accent plays off of hers.

If there’s ever been two genres so effortlessly intertwined with surprisingly good audible results, it’s in the form of Gangsters. Check out the collaboration here!

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