Disclosure – Grab Her (Single Review)

Disclosure – Grab Her (Single Review)

As the song progresses, heading towards its end, so do I, towards the edge of my seat, impatiently waiting for the drop into electronically induced musical pleasantness. Disclosure are at it again with their ‘album favourite’ Grab Her and its brand new video, directed by Emile Sornin.

With less bass than could be expected, Disclosure seem to be targeting the deep-house loving demographic with this tune as the subtle beat and futuristic backing tones take precedence.

The video presents a semi-inverted office, with the protagonist singularly enjoying the upside-down delights, all with seemingly no relation to the song itself, but who does that stop nowadays?

This young electronic duo have caused quite a stir in recent years and rightly so. The pair are due to kick off a tour of the US in 2014, before a sold out date at London’s Alexandra Palace in March.

Check out Disclosure’s Grab Her and the brand new video!

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