Bill Parton Trio, Men in the Sky, Gifted Kings (Music Videos)

Bill Parton Trio, Men in the Sky, Gifted Kings (Music Videos)

They say good things come in threes. Well, some people probably say that. Anyway, there are three bands hoping to persuade you to turn your ear holes in their general direction and give their hard work the thumbs up.

First off, we have Bill Parton Trio. Yes, the imaginative name has come about from a member of the band being called William Parton. Let’s brush past that and see if these Australians cut the mustard musically; specifically with their song Falling For You Again. As the chart-pleasing title suggests, this isn’t an explosion of originality or a commentary on today’s political affairs.

What the trio have produced can be described perfectly with one word: nice. The lyrics about a man being fond of another member of the species are nice, the accompanying soft melody is nice and the accompanying video (featuring nicely dressed people in sunglasses sitting in a bath) is nice.

Men in the Sky have not followed the niceness trend. Instead, their music is basically “Welcome back to the 80s! Weren’t around for the original 80s? Well, here’s what they sounded like”. Many will find this to be an immediate turn-off, but that’s ok because there’ll be a long queue waiting to experience a bit of extra vintage. There’s no denying it sounds about 30 years old. It’s as if they discovered synth but someone forgot to tell them it’s not a legal requirement and there is such a thing as too much.

Lastly, there’s Gifted Kings – a hybrid of all the indie bands from 2005-2010.  It’s as if they’ve took inspiration from numerous bands and fused all their sounds together but aren’t quite confident enough to introduce their own unique twist yet. You’ll have heard it all before but there’s still potential here.  If you don’t like it very much there’s always a game you can play when listening to Dead End Road: At times, vocalist Derek Murray’s voice does an amazing impression of Placebo’s Brian Molko. Listening out for it is surprisingly entertaining.

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