Arcane Roots - Resolve (Single Review)

Arcane Roots – Resolve (Single Review)

On its surface, Arcane Roots is a moody rock band. Their newly released single Resolve has all the trappings of a post-core classic: atmospheric guitar riffs, high male vocals reminiscent of Anberlin, and a dark, edgy, possibly werewolf inspired music video. It took me a couple of listens, but the more I listened to it, the more I felt that Resolve is one of those songs that grows on you.

Upon the first listen, Arcane Root’s style can be a little rough. They’re hard guitar intro at first seems to clash with singer/guitarist Andrew Grove’s high pitch. (Grove’s tone later prompted me to listen to some of the band’s acoustic sets to hear his full range, one of which was called You Are, which I highly recommend.) After hearing the single a second time, I started recognizing small nuances layered throughout the song.

The first part that caught my ear was Grove’s intricate and unique guitar solos beginning about 50 seconds into the song. I can safely say that I have never personally heard guitar fretting like that before.

The next layer I noticed was guitarist Adam Burton’s backup vocals. He’s barely audible over the grind of the guitars, but I always appreciate backup vocals that add more richness to the song, rather than detract.

Even the band’s performance is a layer itself. It’s easy to stare angrily off camera and attempt to look badass. It’s another thing to act your heart out on camera. All-in-all Arcane Roots is a band that deserves more than just a once over preview in your Spotify discover page.

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