1. Broadchurch

Take that, big American TV goliaths (note: America is literally taking it and making their own version). This had the nation talking more than the mystery of who shot Phil in EastEnders. It was wonderfully acted and the story was interesting enough to keep people interested for 8 episodes – let’s face it, that’s really bloody long for a British series. Olivia Colman will probably be thanking this show for the rest of her life, as an ever increasing crowd finally realise she can act 99% of her peers off the screen.

2. Doctor Who

Specifically, the 50th anniversary. The series itself was hit and miss, mostly miss. The anniversary special was the biggest TV event of the year. Ninety-four countries wanted to see if Steven Moffat would cock it all up. He didn’t, geeks rejoiced, everyone decided to conviently forget it as actually a show for kids and the world’s oldest sci-fi show celebrated its birthday. Not a single cake to be seen, though. Shame.

3. Hannibal

Gory, tense, wonderful. There’s a good chance you missed this one. This well known story about a guy who prefers people over chicken gets another makeover. Whoever was in charge of casting needs an award. Even before anyone character says anything it’s clear the actors are right for their roles. As is hopefully obvious, it’s definitely not for the faint-hearted. It makes Dexter look like Cbeebies at times.

4. Bad Education

Forgot about that one, didn’t you? BBC3’s little gem. Not a worldwide phenomenon, just a little shot of fun. Jack Whitehall may have put a few people off but this is where his posh characteristics fit. A public school boy teaching a rough comprehensive with teaching standards so low it’s hard to believe any student is literate.