Yuck - Lose My Breath (Single Review)

Yuck (their name, not a description of the music) are fresh from a headline UK tour and have unveiled the video for new single Lose My Breath before playing their biggest show yet at the Shepherd’s Bush Empire in February.

The single, taken from LP Glow & Behold, has an overwhelming familiarity about it. From the moment the guitar rolls in, it sounds like so many songs you’ve heard before, but you can’t put a name to any of them. Focusing on the actual song is difficult when you’re annoyed about figuring out what it reminds you of. Even the interchanging vocals seem like they’ve appeared in millions of tracks before.

To add to the confusion, there’s a video that the dictionary could use as a description for the word “trippy”. Basically, there’s disembodied lips, some ducklings and kids in a  paddling pool. Want a better, more accurate description than that? Well, there isn’t one.

This is far from their best effort, Glow & Behold also features a track called Middle Sea. If trying to decide if you’re going to add them to the list of bands that make it to your music library, listen to that first.

Lose My Breath isn’t a bad song by any means, and Yuck are a good and capable band, there’s just so many similar songs and this doesn’t have a major standout feature to define it.

A European tour starts in February, following their Shepherd’s Bush show.