Trailer Watch: The Amazing Spider-Man 2

The original Amazing Spider-Man was a reboot of the Sam Raimi turn of the millennium take on the franchise. It had a superb cast and a director with an accomplished debut film (not to mention an appropriate name), but turned out to be a complete mess from start to finish. By concerning itself with an origin story that ninety percent of its audience already knew, they were wasting time when they could have concentrated on telling a great Spider-Man story. Unfortunately they were trying to do that too and what was once two simple comic book stories (probably), becomes one hopelessly convoluted one. Hopefully this film will avoid that mistake.

Oh wait, there are three villains in this one. And the story involving Peter Parkers dad. And something in there about a dying Norman Osborn. It’s not even as if there is a chance one of these villains will be confined to a James Bond style opening sequence. Two of them have major names attached; one is played by Jamie Foxx, one by Paul Giamatti, and the other is the alter ego of Harry Osborn who is being touted as a major character in the new universe. One interesting point is that Jamie Foxx who has all the promotional momentum going forward has been consigned to the final forty seconds. The trailer doesn’t have time to introduce him properly just like the last film barely had any time in its multiple strands for the Lizard. This film looks to be adding layer upon layer into its structure in an attempt to compete with the epicicity of The Dark Knight Rises or The Avengers, but The Avengers barley held itself together and not even Nolan could handle it with Rises. This film looks to be racking up a budget when it should be keeping it simple for a story. Opens April 18th.