Trailer Watch: Muppets Most Wanted

I loved the cinematic return of the Muppets. On of my favourite films of 2012, The Muppets was everything you want an update of the Muppets to be, irreverent, anarchic and hilarious. This new film looks to be recapturing the magic of The Great Muppet Caper, one of the best Muppet films and, in comparison at least, one of the most forgotten. This is a concept that most definitely has my attention. Unfortunately as happens in so many kids films, the promotion seems to focus on the most sellable aspects. I.e the celebrity cameos, funny accents and groan worthy word play. All of the jokes on display in this trailer are the ones that whack you right over the head and quite frankly most try so hard that they end up missing. I really hope the film is full of the more subtle touches that have made the Muppets one of my favourite franchises but this trailer has given me some unfortunate concerns.