New Video: Southern – Shout It

Brother and sister Thom and Lucy Southern decided to ignore the rivalry siblings are often burdened with and both become guitarists and vocals and make sweet music together (no innuendo, they are just making music) under the name ‘Southern’. They’re most likely aware that’s not particularly imaginative but it worked for Bon Jovi.

New song ‘Shout It’ has a very retro and, hopefully not coincidental, Southern America feel to it. The video shares a retro/vintage feel, looking like it was filmed through an Instragram filter.  Previous track ‘World Don’t Shine’ wins for most Southern feel, though, it’s like being transported to Alabama for its duration.

Lyrically, it isn’t perfect. “As you say nobody’s perfect/ ‘Cause I know she ain’t perfect” won’t win any awards for songwriting, no matter how much they try to hide it in the rhythm. Rhyming ‘perfect’ with ‘perfect’ is a Pitbull move. (Disclaimer: Southern are better than Pitbull). Their voices compliment each other throughout, Lucy providing a feminine echo to her brother’s leading vocals over the accompanying strum-heavy guitar- undeniably the most prominent instrument, with drums just providing a bit of a beat to tap your foot along to.

If you weren’t aware of the title before listening to the song, you’d probably be able to guess afterwards. The words “shout it” are sang a lot, but that’s ok. It doesn’t feel dull and repetitive, more like something you can catch on to soon and sing along with.

There’s chemistry between these two, not just the standard agreement to tolerate each other that people are forced to have when they’re related. It takes a good relationship to make music with who you usually have to fight for attention with, unless your surname is Gallagher.

‘Shout It’ is the lead track taken from the Southern EP, released 9th December

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