Naked (On Drugs) are a duo creating some uniquely interesting sounds. Not as shocking as some genres of music but there is that element of creepiness in Naked (On Drugs) new single Lee Ann’s Skin. The title alone hints towards a disturbing track and the intro to the song could come straight out of a horror film.

Lee Ann’s Skin:  an enigmatic song that keeps you hooked as you are never quite sure where it is going. That is not say these guys do not have talent, they are far from that and the energy in this track is proof enough with strong vocals and a stirring score.

If that was not enough, Naked (On Drugs) have included a short track titled Araki Dinosaurs. This little number is just as bizarre as Lee Ann’s Skin but showcases the bands incredible range to be different.

Naked (On Drugs) have set themselves up to be a dangerous and mysterious band. The type parents would not want their children running off and watching at gigs. Not exactly a goth band, but the style is in the music at times and if they were not cryptic enough check out the video for Lee Ann’s Skin!

Like the sound of something different and interesting? Perhaps enjoy psychedelic music fused with rock?  Then definitely check out Naked (On Drugs).