With the release of their debut album early next year New York based romantics Drowners have given us a premature glimpse of what to expect. This comes in the form of a music video for their new single ‘Luv, Hold me Down‘ which can be found, you guessed it, on the Youtube.

The angle of the video is a tour documentary where we see the boys travelling from North America down to Brazil and is shot and directed by photographer/friend of the band Pete Voelker. So I know what your thinking right, a group of four young males who happen to be in a band are on a tour to Brazil… shit’s going to get ‘reckless’. Don’t hold your breath.

The style of video is that of the ‘hand-held, shaky, my mates on the tour bus with a camera,’ variety. When done properly this can give a real fly on the wall insight into the life of a touring band. Sadly I found this video didn’t quite hit the mark as the ‘shaky’ camera work and bad focusing was distracting and detracted from the visual quality of the video.

So without judging a book by it’s cover, the actual song wasn’t the worst piece of indiesque-romantic-poppy-rock I’ve ever heard… but without a really strong vocal hook or guitar line, I may have even forgotten it by the time I’ve finished writing this. Have a listen yourselves, I just found the song a bit weak sauce: Jingly jangly and a bit too radio friendly, think vanilla ice cream.

With regard to the video expect scenes of pool party antics, skinny jeans, sand dune romps, henna tattooing, out of focus landscapes and some casual spitting.

Drowners debut record is out on the 27th of January next year on Frenchkiss/Orchard records.

Tommy Bassom

By Vulture Hound

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