As we creep into the festive month of December, Christmas and its accompanying jingles aren’t the only thing creating joy amongst us, as this week saw the release of Cropper’s single, Forever.

With the progressive introduction, not nodding your head along seems an impossible task, as ‘bittersweet’ and soulful vocals accompany this bass-ridden production from Cropper. As the first minute and a half present something that wouldn’t stand out at any house music event, this Blah Blah Blah producer seems to draw on and combine various genres.

The presence of electro throughout, accompanied by an essence of garage creates a lively and appropriate 10th release milestone for the Brighton-based, independent label.

With the video presenting a young female dancing somewhat unusually, at least for a track like this, Cropper’s classical musical upbringing and influences are seemingly implied.

With a number of notable nights out approaching, I definitely wouldn’t mind hearing this recent release being played at any event I attend. Check out the video for Cropper’s latest production below.