New Music: The Minx – (Can You Find) My Head?

Who said punk is dead? Well, The Minx certainly didn’t, as their new track (Can You Find) My Head? is set to be released on December 9th.

With five men, twice as many Dr Martens, two skinned heads, one part-time Mohican and the occasional gingham check, I’m sure only one genre comes to mind. You guessed it, the aforementioned, pro-anarchy style of music that is punk.

With an introduction of a repeated guitar riff that eventually introduces ear-shaking cymbal clashing and a relatively simplistic, but prominent piece of drumming, (Can You Find) My Head? leaves listeners in little doubt as to The Minx’s preferred musical style.

Whilst the eponymous lyrics are perhaps left open to interpretation, I know what I’m thinking. The organised chaos of the instruments seem to present the Mancunians’ lifestyle, with visuals to match in their alcohol-ridden, celebration of a music video.

When your fan base includes Johnny Marr and Dr Martens (as their AW13 campaign song choice shows), it only seems fair to say that you can’t be doing too badly.

Check out their video for (Can You Find) My Head? below!

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