Eliza and the Bear - It Gets Cold (Single Review)

London-based alt indie five-piece, Eliza and the Bear, have just returned from a summer of festivals and an autumn of touring the UK arenas with Paramore; on personal request by Paramore front woman Hayley Williams. They are now looking forward to the January release of their new single, ‘It Gets Cold’.

Formed in the latter part of 2011, they recorded a demo in the living room of drummer Paul Kevin Jackson, expecting the experience to be nothing more than a bit of fun jamming with friends. They posted the result online, and shared it with a few curious friends, and despite no hype, no promotion, they found themselves being talked about, and receiving hugely positive reviews. A fanbase that truly grew organically, and a band judged on their talents, not the size of their marketing budget.

Following the release of It Gets Cold, they continue the year as, I’m sure, they mean to go on, having confirmed a place on Communion Records’ inaugural New Faces Tour through February and March. Following on from Communion’s highly influential New Faces album and the New Faces EP series, this new venture will see four of 2014′s most hotly tipped new artists touring ten cities over two weeks, playing in an excitingly diverse range of intimate venues, including St Stephens Church in London. Billed alongside Luke Sital-Singh, Farewell J.R and Annie Eve, it’s quite an honour to live up to. But it shouldn’t be too hard for them.

It Gets Cold premiered a few weeks back with Radio 1 DJ Zane Lowe, who billed it as his “hottest record in the world”, and it’s since clocked up an impressive 50 thousand plays on SoundCloud. And it’s not undeserved.

Upbeat and catchy, this is a track to be played up-close. It feels intimate, a shared secret; the kind of song that, even when played in a packed out arena, will feel like it’s just you and the band, and no one else. With just enough folk edge to give it that friends-round-a-campfire feel, it’s a song that will stick with you long after it’s finished playing. It’s unbelievable that these guys never even dreamed of becoming rock stars, because what they have here is pure magic, and the fact that they are untainted by ugly commercial hype will turn them into a cult must-have.

In the words of lead singer James Kellegher; It Gets Cold is about returning back home after an inconceivable amount of time. It’s about the things you will miss being away from home and the moments in time you miss whilst at home reminiscing. Its about the romanticism of memories.” And if you check out their other songs available on SoundCloud, you quickly come to realise that this is a group not afraid to bare their souls, to let their fans get close. It’s all very personal, very open and honest, and you’ll be forgiven for thinking these songs were played just for you.