Trailer Watch: Labour Day

Not sure about this. High quality actors certainly, Winslett and Brolin are two of the finest big names in Hollywood and many people like Jason Reitman although I found his post Juno output to be rather dull. But I’m just not getting this. Adapted from a novel by Joyce Maynard its about an escaped fugitive threatening his way into a woman’s home and then falling in love with her. Brolin starts the trailer with a hint of menace that melts away as he’s teaching her son baseball, cooking peach cobbler and allowing the family the freedom of their house without him having to tie them up. Wasn’t that nice of him? I think the montage of his character development manages to be both tiresomely clichéd and unsettlingly creepy. Just look at the way he fondles her hands Patrick Swayze style as they make the cobbler. Reitman’s going for a reassuring tone to the manly way Brolin takes charge, but with only two and a half minutes to play with he just comes across as domineering. It’s just not enough time to sell that kind of character development, which means they probably shouldn’t have tried it in the first place. Sell the film on something else like the mother son relationship, or just make Brolin’s character look less like he’s about to break her wrist for mixing a knife in with the forks. Other than that it looks a little bit Oscar-baity. Overwrought and melodramatic in that way people trying to emulate emotion get when they don’t quite understand it. But this is just a trailer. The real thing is out February 7th 2014.