The Raid 2 : Berandal (Trailer Watch)

The first look at the most anticipated Martial Arts film of 2014. The original Raid was a revelation of Martial Arts cinema and one of the best to make it to Western Audiences for quite some time. The fight scenes were spectacular and the storytelling was a master class in efficiency, it never gave us much but what it did wasted no time in providing the awesome. The second Raid looks like it’s going have the same sense of style and class as the first one with great bad guy moments and smart set pieces. This trailer focuses on these character moments beginning with a man in a prison cell taking his rage out on a concrete wall, intercut with some shots of brooding looking dudes in sunglasses only allowing the violence to seep in gradually, escalating until the final title. This looks to have both the passion and aestetic beauty of the Gareth Evans instant classic. I can’t wait for March.