Silver Story - Cold Street Lights (EP Preview)

What I love so much about social media is how powerful it can be and Silver Story has used this to their advantage. A rock band from St Helens has taken to the web using sites such as Twitter and Pledge Music to make their music happen (I only found out about them after I received a follow on twitter!)

Obviously they are not the only ones that have done this so I am not about to make this article ‘the one big success story’. No I am writing about Silver Story because they deserve it.

Influenced by the likes of 30 Seconds to Mars, Nirvana and Foo Fighters their songs are brilliantly catchy and emotive. My Empire, which can be found on the band’s first album Arts & Vandals, is a notable track that really hits you hard.

To make their new EP happen Silver Story headed over to Pledge Music and thanks to a successful campaign and league of loyal fans their new EP will be available from December this year. The band put up a preview for the new EP Cold Street Lights on Youtube promoting the successful Pledge Music campaign and proving that with talent and a loyal following you really can make your album.

The likes of Save Me and I’m not a Hero are shaping up to be engaging tracks on the new EP.

So fans of Blink 182, Green Day, Foo Fighters or any pop – punk/rock in general should check out Silver Story (they are currently touring!). The new EP Cold City Lights is out on December 2nd 2013.