Jona Barr A.KA ‘Old Cabin’ is releasing his self-titled LP before he embarks on a national tour in support of the album. So if you like him enough to go and see him, tough, you’ll need to go to Canada.

In the last few years he has been getting on by playing house parties but now has moved onto festivals in Canada with his new fans. If you give Old Cabin a listen you’ll probably like his six song EP ‘Growing Up’ as well. He is on Soundcloud and available for downloads.

The single ‘Lighthouse’ does have a Canadian feel to it. That’s not a bad thing I’m not doing a South Park thing right here, it’s just very easy going music, easy on the ears, reminds me of the Canadian woods or something. It sounds like it has been written in the woods actually; pretty mundane listening, very repetitive guitar and monotone singing. It’s not personally to my taste but if you like sort of hippy folk music you’ll probably enjoy it. It just reminds me of something you would hear on the Juno soundtrack.

The lyrics are pretty much what you’d imagine from a title like ‘Lighthouse’  and even the guy’s name ‘Old Cabin’ is very fitting to the kind of music he plays. Sounds like something old and tired.