My first reaction to first hearing music from the London band Altrego was: cool. And not the sarcastic sort of cool that you say when you don’t know what to say, but it’s the nothing-to-lose type of cool of James Dean or Jimmy Hendrix. Altrego has a dirty, fast-paced bass and drums centered, new-age funk sound. And singer-bassist Jasper Erken’s vocals are, again, just so cool.

Altrego just released their new single “Love Is Flawless” on Halloween of this year. The opening 40 seconds of the song are so full of attitude that I couldn’t help but bob my head. There is a lead guitar thrown into the very beginning that especially embodies their funk style. Then the bass comes in with a very smooth riff. The drum beats of Adre Fisher change almost imperceptibly, giving so many different rhythms throughout the song.

Altogether, “Love is Flawless” is an enjoyable song. I can see it as part of a soundtrack to some new stylistic horror movie or something. There is however, a slightly repetitive staccato-ing synth section in the chorus that can get kind of repetitive and harsh. But Erken’s vocals just bring back that attitude that says, “Deal with it.”