Delicate Gravity (Short Film Review)

Delicate Gravity (Short Film Review)

Delicate Gravity, a short film by Philippe André and starring Yvan Attal and Anne Parillaud, is a beautifully composed piece of film making.

Although the synopsis suggested heavier themes surrounding suicide it is more about the encounter between two people in need of comfort. It is a tranquil film to watch with the opening being mainly fixed shots consisting of a calm colour scheme that tends to remain throughout the film.

Paul (Yvan Attal) is sat alone in a Vietnamese restaurant where in the opening scene we learn so much about him and his life through a series of voice mail messages he leaves and interaction with the waitress. He is an isolated man with is time taken up by work.

How Philippe André breaks the tranquillity momentarily to get Paul out of the restaurant to hear the fateful phone call is great yet a shock to the audience as the calmness of the quiet restaurant is broken in that instant.

Praise is to be given to Attal for his portrayal of Paul; this charming, simple yet scruffy man haunted by the echoes of the desperate voicemail of Claire (Anne Parillaud). His actions are matched to the stunning soundtrack that starts upon hearing the voice mail as he is torn between doing what is easy and what is right. The tiny inklings of when he is going to finally find Claire are suspenseful and soon turn romantic upon meeting her.

Claire is not entirely who you would imagine to be on the other end of that desperate phone call when she finally interacts with Paul. Although she sounds weak and hopeless on the phone she appears rather headstrong to Paul.

The simplicity of the story turns poetic, albeit slightly showy, when Paul appropriately slips in the title of the film when talking to Claire about the phone call. Delicate Gravity is an exceptional short film about a small moment in time that deserved the many awards it already has. Including Best of Festival at Palm Springs Festival, Best Foreign Short and Best festival Short at the Nevada City Film Festival.

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