The Dirty Feel – Truth Be Told (Album Review)

Reminiscing Led Zeppelin and contemporary rock with the energy of an old school show brings to life this first full length album from The Dirty Feel.  Truth Be Told is dedicated to their late band mate Nick Hirsch who passed away in 2012 where the album draws on his influences such as Queens of the Stone Age. It has taken ten years for this album to come to light and it has definitely been worth all the work and effort as Truth Be Told presents the band in its entirety.

This is an album where you can expect each song to be played live and create that great gig atmosphere however there are a few notable tracks that really jump out. Opening the album with Far Gone is a slow start but soon gets straight to a catchy chorus whereas Truth Be Told, the second track with the same name as the album, is a very strong rock song with attitude-giving lyrics sweet solos from both guitar and drums half way through – It definitely represents the album well.

Somewhere in the Romance is an anthem like song with a heavy beat that will get any rock fan’s attention. This has the possibility of being a signature song for the band with sing along potential for live performances. It is fun, energetic and has very memorable guitar work that will stay with you after a good listen.

An interesting track on this album is Get Down. It is much shorter than the other tracks on the album and from start through finish has this consistent rush of energy that could be hit at any rock show.

Spanish Silver is the last track on the album and opens with a chilling intro before operatic like vocals kick off this enigmatic song before the iterating guitar work storms in creating a song of strange beauty. The haunting lyrics and guitar work with its rocking beat has made Spanish Silver a striking track and great way to end the album.

At times the lyrics are not entirely clear but this first full length album has potential as it is full of classic sounding melodies, hard hitting guitar solos and rocking vocals. This is worth the time for those wanting that raw rock n roll sound. Not as heavy as Alice in Chains but you can definitely see a resemblance in the styles. Truth Be Told is an album for fans of classic rock and blues-rock with a heavier beat.

Truth Be Told is available from 11th November 2013.

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