New Live Video: Apocalyptica – Wagner Reloaded

New release ‘Wagner Reloaded’ by Apocalyptica

Finnish metal band Apocalyptica have just announced their release for ‘Wagner Reloaded’, which will commence on November the 18th. After wowing critics and causing ‘standing ovations’, Apocalyptica’s unconventional style of using classical instruments such as cello’s and violins to create music has so far gained them international success. Their unique sound hybrids classical music with rock to create a listening experience like no other.

But, it doesn’t stop there! Apolocalyptica have also decided to give fans a double treat with unveiling their video for ‘Ludiwig Wonderland’ which opens with hints of inspiration taken from Rick Genest as actors litter the stage with their skull-like faces as the music video begins.

Apocalyptica’s theatrical style on stage works in perfect harmony with the music, using eerie choices such as a young child to be present on stage whilst the classic-metal music plays. Ballet dancers also dominate the stage creating a dramatic listening and visual experience for the audience.

As of now, fans can exclusively pre-order the autographed album on

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