Ahead of the release of second album ‘Nature Nurture’, Dinosaur Pile-Up are giving away an exclusive free track which won’t be appearing on the album itself. You can download ‘Hanging By A Thread’ over on their Facebook page. The band are also doing a special deal with the cassette version of the album and Banquet Records, for whom they are playing at New Slang pre-album-release. Details here.
Dinosaur Pile-Up are about to emerge with one of the brightest, most bruising rock records of 2013. After a period of adversity, Dinosaur Pile-Up are a team once again facing a brighter tomorrow. “Making the album, things felt very on the edge,” nods Matt, “but that had the effect of making the songs come out real, and alive. It’s a real guitar record, and I couldn’t be more proud of it.”