We Are the in Crowd have had their fair share of…..‘Attention’. They made it to the main stage at Reading and Leeds this year, so aren’t fighting to become a well known name. This means their songs can gain such  level of popularity that releasing a lyric video until the proper one comes out is somewhat acceptable. So, presented to you is a camera tracking words on a chalkboard. Imaginative.

It’s appropriate that a chalkboard should feature so prominently, as most fans of the band will be high school kids and very well acquainted with them (if schools still used chalkboards, but smartboards aren’t quite as symbolic). It’s just like coming home and learning a bit more- who wouldn’t want that?

Aside from the generalisation that their fans are too young for them to be taken completely seriously, there’s also the inevitable comparison to Paramore that most people will draw. There’s no point denying it, they’re quite similar and not just because they both have a female vocalist that likes the shouty-singing style that’s clearly so much cooler than regular singing. It’s the fast, guitar heavy (not to be mistaken with ‘heavy guitar’) 3-or-so minute burst with generic, relatable-to-troubled-teens lyrics (“I know the way I wanna be/ But I’m trapped in who I am”). To distinguish them a little, a guy does share the singing burden and he’s not half bad.

There are people who will hate this song just because they’d feel some kind of shame if they didn’t but, to balance it out, there’ll be a rather large group that praise it as a masterpiece. It’s best to not take it at all seriously in any way. Just see/hear it as a little bit of fun and allow yourself to feel a bit younger (unless you’re 12).