The Strypes - What a Shame (Single Review)

Aren’t talented kids annoying? Seeing people younger than you doing so well, making you feel like you’re doing nothing with your life. If you find yourself often being in this scenario, it’s probably best you don’t watch the video for The Strypes’ new single What a Shame. I say ‘don’t watch the video’ because the song is worth a listen and, unexpectedly, isn’t just a tale of a girl in school being a bit of a bitch- instead about a guy trying to make it in the music industry while people try to change his style. So, these guys have obviously seen The X Factor before.

They do sound young (well, the vocalist does, it’s hard to tell if someone playing an instrument is young unless they’re a 6 year old that’s just started learning), but not inexperienced. Hard work has been laced all over the track. Everything fits, there’s no out of place instruments or vocals- that’s a challenge no matter how old you are.

As for how the music sounds, it’s no surprise these guys are set to be touring with Arctic Monkeys; they’re so similar you could pass off What a Shame as a rare B side that experimented with a different accent.

If you do feel the need to be superior in any aspect, they clearly can’t spell.