Raised by Wolves - Warriors (Single Review)

Enigmatic singer ‘Raised by Wolves’ has released his first major track here at the tail end of Summer.  The bright eyed, quirky piece of upbeat modern pop-folk is a breath of fresh air, full of driving tribal drums and waltzing, gossamer guitar work.

The track begins with a blaze of electronica which is never followed up, instead the track takes a turn for the lyrical.  The vocals have a sort of exotic twang to them, with keening lyrics that call to Coney Island amongst other places.  The rich sound of the guitar wouldn’t be out of place there on West Side of New York in the fading sunlight.

The pitch picks up as the calling, keening climax of the song builds up to a rousing vocal conclusion set alongside sterling drum work.  Then things sort of fade out in an amusingly off-kilter fashion, as if the track just has the faders put down suddenly.  It’s an interesting way for the track to finish.

It’s a really fun, enjoyable track.  Whilst it’s quite poppy, recalling the sound of ‘The Kooks’ and ‘Razorlight’; it’s far from insubstantial and it’s a good start to what will hopefully prove to be a good career from Raised by Wolves.