On My Own –Zero 7

British ambient duo Zero 7 are back at work again after a long break.  They returned to the studio in 2012 and the song “On My Own” is a breezy, summer tinged pop-dance track that is sure to get a lot of radio play and, going on form, feature in a TV show or an advert.

A gentle, fuzzy ambient dance tune with an echoey, lightweight vocal track the song just sort of floats along inoffensively like a light blue balloon.  It bobs up and down, some light guitar work standing out in the bridge sections and a nice catchy chorus line before it just kind of pleasantly fades out.

You wouldn’t previously of leapt out of your seat to let people know this was playing and you sure wouldn’t have previously thought it likely to be a smash hit.   It’s a saccharine pop song that is quite nice but nothing special.  But after the enormous success of “Get Lucky”, anything seems possible in pop terms.

On My Own is a little like Get Lucky; it’s not quite as funky or as seventies influenced but it’s got its own sort of charm.  The twelve inch version that came for review is a little long in both the intro section and the outro section but neither really adds all that much to the actual song, apart from a few more echoey effects and a bit more of the same.

Zero-7 have featured in lounge music selections before and this song wouldn’t be entirely out of place there; it’s an inoffensive pop-dance song that leaves no major lasting impression but is pleasant enough to listen to but once that blue balloon has popped, you forget it was ever there.

By Vulture Hound

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