Axe Cop

How best to describe this new animation? After far too much though I plumped for ‘mental’. The premise is simple – a cop with an axe, hence Axe Cop, and he sidekick is Flute Cop, and yes, he is a cop with a flute. It gets a little odder – the brains behind the show is a 5 year old boy – although he is now 8 – but the premise was his and his older brother drew them as a cartoon that has garnered a cult following online.

Episode 1 has our eponymous hero helping out Bat Warthog Man – who is first thought to be a bad guy until Axe Man finds him crying, it turns out that is because his friends have been stolen. And then is gets odder, Axe Man opts to help him and picks up other odd characters and has to rent a dinosaur horn with which to complete the mission. Any more details on the story and you may think I am on some kind of hallucinogen so I won’t say anything else! But the twist involving the friends had me laughing out loud. Oh, and for no reason (why would there be) Axe Cop is dressed in what seems to be a Catwoman outfit for the night mission.

The shows are around 10 minutes long and season 1 is set to be just 6 episodes long, future seasons are rumoured to be 30 minute episodes (minus ad breaks of course) and so the stories will be more expansive and less like being beaten around the head with the madness.

It is a show I have to recommend solely because it is nuts, perfect Friday night TV really, and by the way, episode 2 includes zombies in space… and Hitler!