Stars on 33 - Movin' On (Single Review)

Stars on 33 have put together their first studio album. To get people ready for This Is Love, they’ve offered a free download of Movin’ On, the track one can only assume is what they deem to be the best of the lot.

When Movin’ On first starts, it sounds like 2 minutes have been cut off from the beginning. It’s okay, though, because judging by the rest, another 2 minutes aren’t needed. For want of a tad more complimentary collection of words, it’s a shambolic mess. A guy’s voice comes in out of nowhere and contributes nothing but distracting attention from the  influence of a woman’s voice, but she’s not that bad. He’s like the

It isn’t a one off. There’s a beat that continues through every song that is consistent like a pulse and does something quite remarkable; each track manages to sound so completely dead. There’s a distinct sense of “fingers crossed” to the whole thing, like they just threw noises together and hoped for the best. Words also suffer quite badly. When something clearly doesn’t fit, the syllables are “fiddled with”. It’s like hearing Dr Cox from Scrubs make music.

All in all it feels like the material that was rejected when disco was popular because imagination passed it by. Strangers makes an attempt to be emotional but gets nowhere near close and Shake Your Tail sounds too similar to Paula Abdul’s Opposites Attract to be anything but hilarious.

Still, at least they tried.