Everywhere - Eddie (Single Review)

Everywhere – Eddie (Single Review)

One of the things that the majority of bands have lost in recent years is intimacy. The art of songwriting aims to make the listener feel whatever it is the band is singing or playing for. It’s bands like Everywhere that are trying to redeem the industry.

“Eddie” is the first single released from Swedish post-pop indie band Everywhere’s upcoming EP. The five-piece band is fronted by singer-song writer Max Berga. Berga says that the song is about a love story that went wrong. You can tell that both the lyrics and music of “Eddie” were extremely personal.

I have as much appreciation for bands that can incorporate classical instruments as I do for your big name edgy rock bands. Everywhere uses a great mix of guitar, bass, drum, piano, a little violin, and some mixing. Berga’s voice has that intrigue that only an attractive Swedish accent can give a song.

If the EP is heading in the same direction of the single, I think Everywhere has a lot to offer the post-pop genre.

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