Drenge - Backwater (Single Review)

There is no definition for the name Drenge, except for the definition the band of the same name has given it. However, Drenge seems to be the perfect word to describe the two-brother band. Eoin and Rory Loveless are the type of musicians that bring a new type of sophistication and direction to the grunge garage band.

The guitar-drum duo is reminiscent of one of my favorite bands, Middle Class Rut. Drenge does bring their own cards to the table. In their second single “Backwater,” released from their upcoming self-titled LP, the brothers give the listener a little taste of what it’s like to be an outlaw. The tempo of the drums gives a relentless background to the distorted sound of the lead guitar in which the riffs are similar to a more metal oriented band.

The video for “Backwater” backs up the notion that Drenge is going to do what they want in terms of music and image. Cars are destroyed, faces are punched, and the song makes the viewer think that this is the way life should be lived.

It’s extremely hard to do a two- man band, and it’s even harder to do it well. Not only does Drenge do the job, they do it extremely well and make memorable music along the way.