After waiting for what seems like forever for ‘Body Music’ to drop I was then set a challenge before I could listen to it. In a rather complex roll out of their album, AlunaGeorge decided to drop one track on the hour, every hour and all on different websites. As frustrating as this was it was still worth it. This is, without a shadow of a doubt, my album of the year.

Album opener ‘Outlines’ is simply gorgeous. Stripped back (by AlunaGeorge standards anyway), this track is just achingly cool. It is pure, chilled out bliss, the kind of track you want to fully immerse yourself into. I want to be in this song. Aluna’s voice just floats over George’s flawless production.

The tracklisting for the album has raised a few eyebrows. Very top heavy, all 3 of their biggest singles sit side by side at the start of the album, a move that doesn’t make much sense. It is easy to imagine less die-hard fans stopping listening once they get what they want. However, by placing Outlines as the opener, it catches the interest of the listener and when the familiar opening strains of ‘You Know You Like It’ come in, it jolts you back in to the AlunaGeorge experience, a world of wonderful juxtaposition. It certainly is intriguing and will hopefully drive people on into the rest of the album, way after ‘Your Drums, Your Love’ has juddered to a close.

‘Kaleidoscope Love’s chorus matches its title, the amalgamation of sounds and effects, pulled together effortlessly as ever by George, really are kaleidoscopic. This track has a really retro vibe to it and yet still manages to remain ridiculously ‘new’, a theme that carries on throughout AlunaGeorge’s entire body of work. It’s also catchy as hell. ‘Superstar’ has received a bit of criticism which I believe is unfounded. It’s big. Very big. People see it as beneath the electro duos capabilities, too ‘poppy’ and generic. I think that this is the joy and charm of AlunaGeorge though. They are, in fact, a pop group, they have released massive pop hits but they do it in such a way that you refuse to tar them with the same brush as the rest of the stuff that fills the charts.

‘Lost & Found’ is insanely catchy, it bounces along as Aluna delivers yet another scathing delivery (I don’t know whether to dislike or pity whoever these tracks are aimed at). It is electro pop perfection with lashings of attitude. ‘Best Be Believing’ is another instant ear worm. The chorus was instantly in my head and I imagine it will be for some time. Majestic is the only way to describe ‘Diver’ and its sound ties in nicely with the albums opening. No matter how different certain tracks may seem when first heard, there is always a link that brings them back together somehow.

My personal album highlight is their cover of ‘This is How We Do It’ by Montell Jordan. It is ridiculous. First listen of this left me with a stupid grin on my face and it is just such a genius idea. Their unique sound works incredibly well on this old school classic.

There is not one weak track on ‘Body Music’, AlunaGeorge have excelled themselves and shown everyone that they were definitely worth the wait. And now that they’re here, they’re not going anywhere.

By Vulture Hound

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