AlunaGeorge - Bad Idea (Single Review)

I have been a big AlunaGeorge fan ever since I heard I know You Like It a few years back (I think I have an episode of skins to thank for that one). Since then the electro duo have gone from strength to strength, releasing huge hits and gaining themselves quite a following. Everything they release, in my eyes, is perfection.

New single Bad Idea is the sixth single to be released from the eagerly anticipated Body Music album (due for release on July 29th) and it has made me even more excited for the LP.

It is safe to say that I am obsessed with Aluna’s voice, so sweet it’s almost saccharine, she croons her way over the incredible jittery electro production of their tracks. It’s the kind of music you find yourself snaking around to, arms up, eyes closed (turns out, this isn’t a good look. Keep them closed and carry on fooling yourself that you’re as sexy as Aluna’s vocals).

Lyrically Bad Idea  runs along the same lines as Attracting Flies, Aluna croons her tale of love turned sour over Georges incredible jittery electro sound. Her saccharine delivery of lines like “You’re a car crash waiting to happen,” combined with the repetitive “Do ba do”s are a prime example of the juxtaposition that AlunaGeorge are so accomplished at. The lyrical dissonance is so well done that they manage to disguise the angst of the lyrics in such a way that after listening, you’re never quite sure how you’re supposed to feel.

This single is a sure fire way to increase the hype around what is already one of the most highly anticipated albums of the year.