Tom Dibb – Lost (EP Review)

Imagine (or don’t, you may be very aware of the scenario already) you’ve just got home from a long, hard day at work and need some music to wind down to. This, I assume, is the reason Tom Dibb exists. His EP Lost uses the tried and tested infusion of acoustic guitar and smooth, simple vocals. Though, the violins on Lost (the song, not all of the EP)  seemed to have been thrown in as a surprise. Before that happens, however, there’s some hints of Ed Sheeran in his voice to be picked up on. While the similarity is there, it’s incredibly occasional, subtle and not at a distracting level, just enough so a comparison can be drawn. Having said that, you don’t really find yourself paying attention to the words, just the fact they’re there somehow seems good enough. There was something said about rivers and eyes.

Whale Song manages to sound almost the same yet completely different. Once again, the lyrics pass you by so much you may as well be listening to actual whale song, but there’s a different feel to it. It’s definitely better but for a reason you can’t put your finger on. Maybe it’s the use of a harmonica, it turns out they’re not just for the Wild West, up and coming singer songwriters can use them.

Next track Old Man has an air of “feel-good” about it. Running the risk of making the audience miserable by reminding them of the grim inevitability of old age, the line “put your balls on the line” is surprisingly effective at bringing a smile and allowing you to not get sucked in to a bad mood. Never underestimate the power of “simple yet effective”.

Although there are only 4 songs on the EP, odds were that one wouldn’t be up to the standard of the rest. Fortune Favours just seems… not right. While that is, admittedly, a vague and generic statement, it’s completely understandable when listening to the track. It starts quite strong but the same ingredients that have worked for the previous 3 songs stop mixing so well. At times the vocals pick up, but the music doesn’t, and are spoken/sang too fast for the guitar. There’s also (very brief) scatting involved. This is never acceptable and should be more frowned upon than pirating music.

Tom Dibb should find his way into the public eye at some point, unless music created by teenagers on their laptops dominates everything. At least a lack of talent certainly isn’t a problem, this guy definitely paid attention in music class, just maybe nodded off when writing the last track.

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