New Music: The Hush Now – Arkansas (Single Review)

It seems to be a trend for new indie bands to have a high pitched male singer. The Hush Now are no exception. The singer’s voice is a little reminiscent of Boy & Bear.

As a new band, being compared to previous bands can be either your Achilles heel, or your saving grace. For The Hush Now, it neither condemns them nor redeems them in my book. It just makes them neutral. The one significant I did notice about The Hush Now’s new single, “Arkansas,” is the way the flow of the song followed the piano’s melody.

Many times in newer bands, piano and other nontraditional five-piece-band instruments, like a banjo or violin, are thrown in the mix as a gimmick, a way to say, “Hey, I’m different.” But I felt that the piano in “Arkansas” was really the centerpiece of the song. The other instruments, while good in their own right, never try to overpower the piano playing.

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