New Music: Lolo – Weapon for Saturday (Single Review)

Brooklyn is one of the most creative and inspiring places in the Western world.  The red stone brick and leafy gardens are a striking, exciting dichotomy.  Tennessee native Lolo has moved out to Brooklyn to try and make a dent in the music scene.

Her debut track, Weapon for Saturday, is a growling, slick song that is built around some fairly dark themes and anchored on her growling, blues influenced voice.  The music itself is a dark, dance music that has some modern dubstep influences but is more akin to Florence and the Machine.

The dichotomy of her bluesy, soulful voice and her dark vocals with the dance influenced guitar makes for an interesting portrait in the track.  Perhaps there’s something of her southern roots in the way she sings and then something of the New York cool in her music but there is something a bit more generic in the music itself.  It’s well produced but has a gossamer touch that almost is forgotten as soon as it’s heard.

Her voice hits some powerful high notes at the end and the Florence comparisons will follow on there.  There’s a rougher edge to her voice than Florence which in some ways recalls the likes of Janis Joplin but without the smoky, half cut dangerous tone.

Lolo is just twenty five and starting out in her music career.  For sure this is an exciting start and a taste of things to come but she’ll need to hone her craft and make her music stand out.  Brooklyn is home to some of the brightest and best in the music scene, being spotted there takes talent and luck.

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