Lissie follows on from her critically acclaimed 2010 album ‘Catching a Tiger’ with smouldering new single ‘Shameless’. A scathing commentary on today’s fame obsessed culture, Lissie sounds genuinely committed to her cause. She provides a drawling and aggressive delivery in a way that only she can.

Its theme is certainly compelling, it seems you cannot turn on your television or open a magazine without being bombarded with images of people who are famous, but for reasons that you really can’t be sure of. Lissie recently said of her new single: “We live in a society where terrible behaviour is rewarded with coverage and attention, where celebrity is seen as a talent in itself. I understand the allure of image and of a good story but I sometimes feel like it trumps the content. When I wrote Shameless I’d just been feeling so over how much bullshit style over substance there is to “making” it in this business”

As ridiculous and obnoxious as someone famous lambasting their own industry can often seem, Lissie somehow manages to pull it off. Well-constructed, and with a catchy as hell chorus, Shameless is a blistering return to form for Lissie. Sarcastic and sexy, this song will be hitting the mainstream whether she likes it or not.

By Vulture Hound

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