Men’s Adventures – Solitary Trip (E.P. Review)

Men’s Adventures are London duo Alfie and Jimmy. Named after and inspired by a comic book from the 60s, the group are prepping to drop their EP Solitary Trip later this month.

Solitary Trip is an exciting blend of guitars, strings, percussion, and vocals, exploring the genres of Western, surf, and psych rock. The emphasis here is firmly on story-telling and creating an atmosphere which transports the listener into the soundscape.

Opening track ‘BB Vulture’ establishes this idea with its lengthy instrumental intro, followed by a brooding monologue. The track seems ripped from a twisted mash-up of Morricone and Tarantino.

While the instruments of choice here are guitar and strings, the duo manage to play around and experiment with the limitations of each instrument, from interesting motifs on ‘BB Vulture’, to nightmarish riffs on ‘Welcome Home’, and even classical influences on ‘Solitary Trip’.

The duo share vocal duties and this also leads to some interesting variations throughout. ‘BB Vulture’ features harmonies with almost a choral suggestion, while ‘Friends’ has haunting, echoing solo vocals.

Overall Solitary Trip is, as the name suggests, a solitary trip, but one definitely worth taking. Each track builds on the previous one, with all the sounds creating a soundscape that suggests open, dusty plains and a swelling, red sunset worthy of a Spaghetti Western.

Solitary Trip is available June 24 via Dirty Bingo Records.


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