Lorde - Tennis Court (EP Review)

Lorde has blessed us with the new single entitled Tennis Court, taken from her upcoming EP of the same name, due for release on July 22 via Virgin. After listening to this track I guarantee you shall become an avid disciple, forsaking all other Pop artists. Big call? That’s because the Lorde (16-year-old singer-songwriter, Ella Yelich O’Connor) is mighty!

If you are not already familiar with New Zealand’s Kiwi jewel, Lorde, and her debut EP The Love Club, featuring the chart-topping track Royals – I suggest you start praying for a miracle…or better yet, download it from iTunes. Tennis Court debuted at number one on the NZ Top 40 Charts. Like, seriously. This track is the apocalypse right here and you need to prepare.

Lorde’s lyrics masterfully express whimsical teenage life, endeared to the listener through her teenage innocence, desire to dream big and hunger for experiencing new things. Tennis Court resonated on so many levels to ‘this ole reviewer’ – it took me to a place I had long forgotten and it was like being reborn (albeit with acne and fluctuating hormones).

Tennis Court kicks off from the end of Royals, with a soothing electronica that builds in layers. The smooth synth peters in parts yet rises to a perfect pitch that pervades the soul. The track features a very catchy chorus and is definitely suitable for repeat plays. Lorde’s voice bleeds a maturity that makes it feel blasphemous to say that her voice is an entity one would want to make love to (I had to smile at lyrics: “I’m only as young as the minute is”). It’s so wrong – innocence and desire can’t blend can they? Yep, they can. They do! God help us. Bless our Lorde.

Final thoughts? This Pop sensation is soon to become the new gospel.