Broken Hands – Down By The Current (EP Review)

The members of Broken Hands met at school, went on to create their own DIY shows in old working men’s clubs in Canterbury, and now they’ll be supporting The Rolling Stones at Hyde Park. Not bad.

Down By The Current was apparently inspired by last summer’s festival season, with lead singer Dale Norton saying: “plagued by torrential rain, I waded through T in the Park’s Scottish mud…” You can definitely hear a certain muddiness in this indie EP, with distorted guitars and some heavy drumming.

But Broken Hands don’t seem to have found their own sound yet. You spend the whole of the EP saying to yourself, this sounds a bit like Kasabian, and that sounds a bit like Arctic Monkeys. But mainly Kasabian.

They do, however, have some catchy riffs, and Norton has a good singing voice, if a little too “generic indie,” so it’s worth at least one listen before deciding you want to go back to the originals rather than spending your time feeling like you’ve heard it all before. If you really can’t wait for the next Kasabian album to come out, this might make a decent stopgap.

Broken Hands clearly have some talent – we just might have to wait a few years for them to make full use of it and produce something more original.