Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo to releases album in Japanese with Scott Murphy

As a big Weezer fan I am both excited and intrigued to hear that Rivers Cuomo has released an album mainly sung in Japanese. The Weezer front man married a Japanese woman in 2006 and begun to learn Japanese to help communicate with his wife’s family. Scott Murphy fell in love with the culture of Japan whilst on his own tour and was heard on the radio by Rivers. After a meeting in 2009 where they discussed a potential album they have now completed and released the album.

Scott & Rivers is now available worldwide through iTunes.
Scott & Rivers Track List:
1. Break Free
2. Homely Girl
3. Freakin’ Love My Life
4. おかしいやつ
5. 朝は近い
6. 終わりのないこの詩
7. 遠く離れても
8. I Need Somebody
9. はじける
10. ほどけていたんだ
11. Butterfly
12. 君と二人で

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