Nothing Happens - Wildeflower (EP Review)

Nothing Happens – Wildeflower (EP Review)

Singer song-writer Max Kinghorn-Mills records under the name Wildeflower and is EP Nothing Happens is expected in June.  A single is due out to promote the EP and features three tracks out of the EP.

A sweet, mellow and optimistic acoustic folk; Wildeflower recalls the likes of Fairport Convention but also Crosby, Stills and Nash.  The melodies are well constructed and the guitar flows warmly like melting butter.

The first track is a rambling, light and positive folk style song called Harbour and Good Company.  The lyrics are soft tinged and Max’s voice is well suited to singing folk music, it’s a very gentle style that has a decent amount of vocal range.

All Year Round is a lush instrumental song that showcases the guitar skills as a soft, melody is picked out and then accompanied by a melodic, if a bit amateurish selection of other instruments.  The whole thing feels like it’d be very much at home in a barn somewhere and it has a sweet, rustic sound.

The single concludes with the slightly more up-tempo Circles Expands which is the most like Crosby, Stills and Nash and also evokes a bit of Jonni Mitchell in places too.  The guitar work is the highlight in this track as a steady, fast paced rhythm is picked out around a steady, sunbeam of vocals.

Max is clearly a talented musician and his other tracks also showcase his undoubted talents.  The music itself is likable and melodic, perfect accompaniment to a sunny Summer afternoon, assuming we have any this year.

Sunshine is optional but the lyrics and music from Nothing Happens may warm you up a bit anyway.

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