Cloud Boat have just unveiled the video for ‘Youthern’, one half of their new double A-side single that drops on May 20 ahead of their forthcoming debut LP, Book of Hours, a week later.

Cloud Boat are Sam Ricketts and Tom Clarke, a London duo that have been making waves on the bass music scene over the past couple of years touring their stunning and critically-lauded live show around the clubs and festivals of Europe.

‘Youthern’ is a beautifully poignant and under-stated track, where sparse instrumentation places the listeners attention solely on the almost choral-like interplay between the vocals. It’s an exciting teaser of what we can hope to expect from their debut, and a definite ‘must-listen’ in its own right.

The video, with it’s sombre muted tones and simple yet effective shots, makes for an elegant companion piece to the track.

The double A-side single ‘Youthern/Hammerspace’ is out May 20.

The debut LP Book of Hours is out May 27 via Apollo Records.