New Music: Joel Compass – Fucked Up

There’s a big trend in the R&B world for mellow, trance-like, almost mournful rap and R&B songs. Artists like Frank Ocean and The Weeknd have pioneered this style. Joel Compass’ single “Fucked Up” is another one. This song has some brilliant aspects to it. I highly appreciate the slight piano vibrato in the background, and the beat has cool valleys and peaks of bass and fades.

The problem I do have with the song, though, is that the lyrics are not at all as involved as they are with Frank Ocean’s and the Weeknd’s songs. The lyrics are what gives those songs soul. The repetitive and honestly empty lyrics for “Fucked Up” don’t give the song nearly as much depth as it deserves. It’s a nice song to have played in the background of a scene of a movie.

I think Joel Compass, if he did mix and have primary control over the song itself, would make a good producer, but not so much as a lyricist.

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