Live Review: Cayucas – The Lexington (Tue 21 May)

Tuesday night saw the London debut of Californian band Cayucas (pronounced “ky-yook-us”). I imagine West Coast bands such as Cayucas might shudder at the wet and windy reputation of London on their flight over but it was a perfect summers evening for their performance at the Lexington. This was particularly apt as every sound that is delivered from this band simply drips of ‘summer’. I can’t recommend highly enough how their album Bigfoot needs to be put on your stereo the next chance you get to sit in the sun and have a few drinks with friends. Since performing at this year’s SXSW in Texas there has been a growing buzz about these guys, and I just knew I had to see them the first chance I got.

I’m happy to say that their performance lived up to all my hopes too. With songs like A Summer Thing and East Coast Girl, Cayucas brought a beautiful atmosphere of breezy, carefree sunshine through the doors of the Lexington, up the stairs and into the room with them.  It didn’t even really feel like we were in London at times. East Coast Girl seems to be their next single, judging by their Facebook posts on recording a video for the song. It’s a classic-pop stomper that perfectly exhibits their talent for harmonies. The band’s harmonies were a real highlight of the gig in fact, and can’t help but remind you of a Beach Boys-meet-The Drums vibe.

An eagerly awaited number was their previous single High School Lover, released earlier this year. The opening thumping bars of the tune are met with cheers and applause; and by the time they hit the chorus bodies were in full dancing mode. I have to say, a song about missed opportunities and youthful regrets never sounded so good. It makes you wish you attended an American high school complete with cheerleaders, jocks, math clubs and… anything else that I can remember from The Breakfast Club. This shiny, hipster quintet have already left the UK shores for Europe before returning to California; but judging by the crowd’s response their next trip to London will be eagerly awaited. See you there.

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