Clear My Head With You - Adventures (EP Review)

Clear My Head With You – Adventures (EP Review)

Pittsburgh band Adventures have debuted a song from EP ‘Clear My Head With You’ to whet everyone’s appetites. ‘Promise’ is the work of former Code Orange Kids members Jami, Reba and Joe and their friends Kimi and Dominic. So, there’s at least some people who’ll be interested before they’ve even heard anything.

First and foremost, this song manages to sound like it’s being performed live with some amps and speakers that haven’t been set quite right. The shouty vocals provided by Reba and Joe seem as if they’re the result of just trying to be heard after their equipment broke mid-set. This is something expected of people just starting out, rather than those who already have some experience….or a band whose tech has genuinely malfunctioned.

There’s also the issue of the ‘vocal swapping’ that they opt for. Sometimes, taking turns to sing can make a song infinitely better than if just one person was doing all the work, in this case there feels like there’s no proper transition and it’s like a fight for the mic.

As far as instruments are concerned, there’s nothing to find fault with. They all fit together. There’s noticable (but not overwhelming) bass and the drums don’t sound like they’re just being hit with no rhythm- as can happen all too often with band trying to achieve a raw sound. The actual music deserves better and more decipherable vocals.

If the rest of the EP sounds like this, it most likely sound unfinished instead of like the aforementioned “raw” music so many people are looking for. This song had potential, which makes it more of a shame that it misses the mark.

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