Bleach Blood – Anything Anything (Single and Live Review)

Bleach Blood is the new operation from former King Blues guitarist Jamie Jazz. Do not let that statement colour your expectations. Bleach Blood is a long way away from the politically charged rap-punk of his former outfit. Bleach Blood play more of your standard British Guitar music with the electronic influences of dance and rave echoing throughout.

Anything Anything is their debut single released after the intriguing EP Young Heart Breakers Club. The opening riff is a catchy little bastard and that’s a pretty apt way to describe the track in general.   Everything in this song is catchy. From the opening to the chorus to the sensually charged female vocals (provided by Linda Harrison who has the most seductive voice I’ve heard in long time) to the delicately fragile bridge.

Both the riff and Jazz’s voice skip along, then skip beats, creating a complimentary dual hook that seems scientifically designed to weld the track to your memory. It constantly compels your attention toward the track, that split second of absence carving a craving in your brain for more sound. Setting off a kind of “wait a second where did that go… Ah there it is” subliminal trigger in your mind. That satisfying sense of finding what went missing and filling it’s gap over and over again, it’s almost malevolent how psychological that sensation feels, especially when it ‘s exploited as much as it is here. Even now moments after listening to the track for the sixth time today, I’m itching to get back to it.

This feeling was only intensified when I saw them live at the Barfly in Camden. I was amazed at how much Jazz seemed to move around such a small and claustrophobic stage. He defied the constrictions of the venue to create a performance that was wild and chaotic, it always felt young but never felt juvenile.

Somehow the format of the gig meant the music lost some of the melody but picked a load of punk to compensate.  Bleach Blood never feel like a well oiled machine (the music is far too ethereal and frenzied for that to be an appropriate description) but here it feels like they are deliberately taking a hammer to the idea of organization and structure. It’s an illusion of course, the set list is tight and the music never misses a note, but it just looks like they are having way too much fun to be doing anything they’ve had to rehearse a hundred times or more.

Bleach Blood seem to have the work ethic of the most committed and hard working musicians whilst convincing you with on stage antics that they are actually your mate’s band practicing for the school talent show in-between shifts at the local Lidl’s. A fact that does nothing to diminish admiration but everything to deepen endearment.