Straight from populous Portland, Oregon come Wampire. Think, ‘80’s lo-fi Ariel Pink meets Kraftwerk and you’ve got it. Speaking of which, you can find a cheeky little cover of ‘Das Modell’ on their soundcloud- in original German! But we’re not talking about covers today as Wampire have their debut album, Curiosity coming out in May as released by Polyvinyl.

Continuing the goth, wannabe-vampire theme, their debut single, The Hearse was released in March. The first track continues the Kraftwerk theme with synth organ (again the haunting goth feel) ‘popped up’ by a drum machine and driving bass line to open the track. I especially like the organ pull back before the drop of the vocal which despite being made up of simple lyrics is very affective. The combination of ‘80’s riffs and a well thought-out bass line is the main drive of the song, but these are removed for a creepy, atmospheric synth break down mid-way through the track. A single sustained note with a minor third thrown in is soon joined by the return of the drum machine, then the catchy riffs are back to round the track off.

‘Spirit Forest’ shows a slightly different side to Wampire. The drums have an acoustic edge and there is more musical complexity to the track generally. The track is made up of a layering of themes and improvisatory sounds which give it a progression. There’s a Tame Impala tone to the vocal effects and the lo-fi ‘80’s sound is continued till the end of the single. It feels like a pretty solid start for a new band and I look forward to the release of the album.