Tom Morgan’s - One True Love (Single Review)

I’m a sucker for an acoustic guitar. That being said, Tom Morgan’s single One True Love, from his new album Orange Syringe which was released in Feb. of this year, features some very intriguing guitar work. However, there’s something off balance in Morgan’s song.

If you look at really successful acoustic talents like Bon Iver, or Ed Sheeran, or countless others, they all have one thing you can sink your teeth into, a kind of cohesiveness. For Bon Iver, it’s his melody and syncopation. For Ed Sheeran, it’s his incredibly fast sing/rapping style and harmony. I highly enjoy the melodies that Tom Morgan puts in this single. However, there’s something about his singing style that makes the song itself seem somewhat off-kilter, but not in a way that makes me want to sit through a whole CD of it.

Morgan’s worked with many different artists, collaborating and songwriting for acts like Smudge and The Lemonheads. After listening to a few 90’s garage band-esque songs from his Smudge, which he fronted, I feel like he could do a lot more with his voice and melodies as far as the lyrics go. But it’s just not coming through in One True Love.