Senses Fail - Mi Amour (Single Review)

The only song I had heard from New Jersey post-hardcore band Senses Fail previously was “Buried a Lie” off of their 2004 album Let It Enfold You. Now with the release of their first music video for their newest album Renacer, which released on April 10 of this year, I was excited to see what nine years of experience offered the band.

The song itself, “Mi Amor,” is not exactly my cup of tea (I’m more of a head-bobber and less of a head-banger.) Additionally, I can’t tell if the video is funny or slightly disturbing. The plot line follows a boy who is in love with the girl (like most music videos) that lives across the hall of the apartment building where he lives. He then does some weird witchcraft voodoo and places his mind in a panda stuffed animal. The girl falls in love with the panda, but her parents hate it so at the end she does some more weird witchcraft voodoo and turns herself into a panda.

It’s like an even more screwed up version of the movie Ted. I was left at the end of it thinking, why the hell didn’t he just talk to her when he was human in the first place?

Anyway, plotline oddities aside, I was more interested in the progression from the 2004 album that I was familiar with to their newly released one. “Buried a Lie,” to me, was the kind of vibe I like to see in a band. The music video was funny. The song was sort of ironic. That made for an altogether endearing band. Now, from the addition of heavier screaming to the tough-guy pose of the band for the CD art, I feel like they’re just doing what every other scream or hardcore band is doing. They’re putting on a front. And that don’t impress me much.

I do wish them luck, however. Since they just newly released their album, they’ll be touring the UK soon, starting with Kingston on May 18, and ending in Oxford on June 1. I guess we’ll see what their real fans will have to say very soon.